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The History of Indonesia National Football Team


Indonesia national football team is the team that represents Indonesia in international football. The team is controlled by the Football Association of Indonesia and is a member of the Asian Football Confederation. Before independence in 1945, the team is using the name of the national soccer team Indies. With that name, this team played in the 1938 FIFA World Cup in France, where they lost to Hungary in the first round and has never qualified again until today.

In the 1930s, in bakoengan stood three soccer organization based on ethnicity, Nederlandsch Indische Voetbal Bond (NIVB) ago renamed Nederlandsch Indische Voetbal Unie (NIVU) in 1936 belonged to the Dutch, Hwa Nan Voetbal Bond (HNVB ) by a person of Chinese descent, and Persatoean Sepakraga Seloeroeh Indonesia belongs to the natives. Nederlandsch Indische Voetbal Bond (NIVB) a football organization of the Dutch Indies respectful to PSSI because SIVB wearing the stars of NIVB defeated by a score of 2-1 against VIJ.

NIVU originally underestimated PSSI finally invites collaboration. The cooperation marked by the signing of the Gentlemen’s Agreement on January 15, 1937. Pascapersetujuan this agreement, means the de facto and de jure Dutch recognized PSSI. The agreement also confirms that the PSSI and NIVU into the top soccer organization in the Indies. One of the points in the agreement also contains a matter of the team to be sent to the World Cup, where do the match between the teams set NIVU against a team formed by PSSI before deployment to the World Cup (a sort of team selection). But NIVU violated the agreement and dispatched teams bentukannya. NIVU do that because it did not want to lose face, because PSSI at that time have a strong team. In international matches, PSSI prove it. On August 7, 1937 a team, of whom Maladi, Djawad, Moestaram, Sardjan, a 2-2 draw against a team of Hwa Nan of China at the Arena Union, Semarang. Though Nan Hwa ever brushing Dutch squad by a score of 4-0. From here kedigdayaan PSSI team began famous.

Over the unilateral actions of this NIVU, Soeratin Sosrosoegondo, chairman of the PSSI activist Indonesian nationalist movement, was furious. He refused to wear the name NIVU. Alasannnya, if NIVU granted, then the composition of the players will be met Dutch people. But FIFA recognizes NIVU as representatives of the Dutch East Indies. Finally PSSI unilaterally canceled the agreement when the Gentlemen’s Agreement of Congress in Solo in 1938.

So history records those going to the World Cup in France in 1938 the majority of the Dutch people. Those chosen to compete in France, namely Bing Mo Heng (goalkeeper), Herman Zommers, Franz Meeng, Isaac Pattiwael, Frans Pede Hukom, Hans Taihattu, Pan Hong Tjien, Jack Sammuels, Suwarte Soedermadji, Anwar Sutan, and achmad nawir (captain ). They are nurtured by coach and chairman NIVU, Johannes Mastenbroek. Mo Heng, Nawir, Soedarmadji are players who managed to strengthen indigenous Indies squad, but competed under the flag of the kingdom of the Netherlands.


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