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AFF Suzuki Cup 2016 Semi Final Without Singapore and Malaysia


The exhibition of the AFF Suzuki Cup 2016 bring a lot of drama to Singapore and Malaysia. For the first time in a celebration of football’s biennial Southeast Asia, Singapore or Malaysia does not manage to go for the semi-finals.

Singapore is the bottom of Group A, while Malaysia ranks third in Group B.

Implementation of a total of 11 times, including this year, Singapore was able to qualify for the semi-finals five times, and four of which produce trophies. While Malaysia seven to four, and only once to get the title.

In the initial implementation in 1996, Malaysia finished runners-up in Group B, and drove up to the final. While Singapore which hosts had to settle for third in the group.

Two years ago in Vietnam, Singapore topped the standings in Group B success, and finally managed to lift the trophy by beating the hosts. While Malaysia ranks third group.

In organizing in 2000 in Thailand, Malaysia’s turn to advance to the semi-finals, while Singapore ranked as the third group. Two years later, Malaysia back to the semi-finals after being champion of Group B, and make Singapore for the second time in a row can only ranked third in the group.

When Malaysia became co-host in 2004, they shared Singapore made it through to the semi-finals. Singapore appears as the champion after defeating Indonesia previously subjecting Malaysia in the last four.

When it became one of the hosts in 2007, Singapore was able to defend the title in the semi-finals after defeating Malaysia. But one year later, Singapore measures stalled in the last four. While Malaysia was ranked third Group B.

Whereas in the implementation of 2010, Malaysia appear as the champion by beating Indonesia in the final. This year, Singapore was ranked only third in Group B.

In 2012, Singapore and Malaysia enliven the semi-finals after they occupy the top two places in Group B at the same time get rid of Indonesia. Singapore eventually became the champion by beating Thailand.

Two years later when Singapore became one of the hosts, they just failed to reach the semi-finals after three ranks below Thailand and Malaysia. Malaysia finally made it to the top of the party, and but should recognize the golden performance of Thailand.

3 Responses to AFF Suzuki Cup 2016 Semi Final Without Singapore and Malaysia

  1. raihanah says:

    frust juga negara kalah hari tu

  2. hamid says:

    Kerajaan kena berlabur untuk membina sistem sukan oleh yang berguna baru boleh mengeluarkan satu pasukan bola sepak yang mempunyai taraf tinggi untk berbanding dengan negara lain.

  3. zik says:

    its ok.. without malaysia and singapore..final prediction indonesia vs thailand..

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